Oct 29, 2010


Hey! I'm super excited cause I'm in Cape Town now and it's lovely down here! And I have some new purchases that you may like to see;)! Anyhow, I've been thinking of buying a new pair of converse, the thing is that I haven't decided if I want them in white leather or the normal ones! Any opinions?:)

Oct 26, 2010

South Africa

hello everybody! you might(or perhaps not at all) wonder wat I'm doing as I'm not posting! well, I'm on vacation in South Africa, Johannesburg. And of course I try to keep away from computers to enjoy the place:)!
I want to thank you for your nice comments, really, you're all amazing!

Oct 22, 2010


I'm exhausted. Partying until 4am on a Thursday and waking up at 7am to go to school on Friday was maybe not the best idea!:P

Oct 20, 2010


Hello! Long time since I posted (maybe not that much, but for me it felt like ages!) so now the time of justifying my absence has come. I've had/am having an awful week full of exams. Fortunately, it ends tomorrow with my latin exam(for which I should btw be studying right now...)! A nd on Friday I'm on vacation:D
So, basically my life will recover its sense tomorrow!
Hope you're all good(:! PICS

Oct 16, 2010

My New Love


It's Saturday, and I'm drinking tea, eating Daim and reading a nice book.
Life is fine.
Until I'll have to open my philosophy book to study.

And this must be the most ugly photo ever. But I don't care, hope you neither!:)

Oct 13, 2010


Tank top - Vanessa Bruno
Flowery "thing" - H&M


YSL Spring 2011

Oct 11, 2010

Make up!

I guess this is the most unoriginal and easy make up pic you've seen but it's like the first I manage to do something with eye shadows! So, I'm very proud of myself!;)

Oct 10, 2010


Today, in Paris, we've had hot and sunny weather, it felt like June again. Which made me nostalgic.. Aw, summer holidays are absolutely awesome! It's all about enjoying ourselves! No work, no exams, no pressure!

Oct 9, 2010


I always appreciate seeing beautiful or innovative packaging, I guess it's because my mum's a graphist and I actually listen when she talks about her work hehe;)! So, for some people this is just a brick of juice, but I really loved it for its design.
It's wierd to take pictures of juice.

Oct 7, 2010


Shirt - Pull&Bear
Top - Zara


Hi! I just want to say I'm happy beacause it's almost week end! and because I have 10 hours sleep waiting for me! (well, if I go to sleep at 10...)! Today, I'm being positive.

That's not usual!;)

Oct 4, 2010


Belt - H&M
Shorts - Zara
Scarves - Antik Batik(red one!) and H&M

Oct 3, 2010


I want these pumps, they come from Topshop, so next time in London (in 5 weeks!!!!) I'll have to buy them!
I'm saying that now, don't know if I I'll do it (I'll have to check the quality and boring things like that).. but I really love them! And I think they are really easy to wear! Don't you think?;)

Aw, I love them:)


I want to upload some pics I took with my blackberry yesterday but bluetooth doesn't work:( And I think my Ipod is dead, but that's not too wierd, I've had it for 5 years now!
Yesterday I worked as a baby sitter and the mother gave me those eye shadows. Aren't the colours beautiful?:) Love them!Now I just to learn how to use them.
I'm hopeless.

Oct 1, 2010


First October post.