Oct 9, 2010


I always appreciate seeing beautiful or innovative packaging, I guess it's because my mum's a graphist and I actually listen when she talks about her work hehe;)! So, for some people this is just a brick of juice, but I really loved it for its design.
It's wierd to take pictures of juice.


Candice said...

such pretty packaging! I love things that are wrapped well or in cute/pretty packaging like this!

Sweetdie said...

Es un diseño...dibertido? No se a mi de pequeña em dio una epoca en la que le preguntaba casi todos los dias a mi madre que porque comprabamos botes tan feos cuando habia algunos muy bonitos...creo que por aquel entonces no entendia mucho eso de la calidad de los elementos pero sigo pensando que porque no pueden ser todos los envases bonitos!
como es que hablas español??un beso

Alice said...

snygg förpackning!
sv: yes, london är en mysig stad :)

Anonymous said...

I love your blog because it's about fashion :) and it seems that you are an expert in that ;)
I'm following you, follow back?

agnes said...

idée très originale cette photo, mais j'aime bien