Dec 31, 2010


click on the pictures to get the link Hey! I'm so lucky that I'm going to end the year being sick:( but that's not going to stop from going out and have fun with my friends! There's a tradition here in Spain that says wearing red underwear tonight brings you luck, do you have a new year's eve tradition in your country or family? And, of course, I'd like to know what you're going to wear;) So, please tell me and I wish you all a happy new year:)

Dec 29, 2010

Old inspiration

I did those pictures last year because I found these Marc Jacobs catwalk outfits really cool, which I still think! What do you think?

Dec 28, 2010

Merry xmas!

I hope you all had a merry christmas and that you enjoyed the festivities;) (and, of course, that you received beautiful presents!). I arrived this morning to my grandparent's village here in the south of Spain and spent a day in Madrid yesterday with my friend Natalia:D!
So, here are two pictures of us from this summer...

Dec 21, 2010


I've been tagged today, hehe and I'm really excited because it's the first time I am on this blog:)! And I've been tagged by this amazing Spanish blogger! And the tag is about being feminine:
5 women I consider feminine:
- Madonna
- Christina Hendricks (Mrs Holloway in Mad Men)
- My mom
- Julia Roberts
- Sarah Jessica Parker

5 words that remind me of "the feminine world":
- Ambition
- Lack of self confidence(this must be improved)
- Feelings(;
- Pink
- Prince Charming

5 feminine things I have and that I consider "feminine":
- My gesture
- My voice(haha)
- My body(I guess! it's not really androgynous)
- I can cry super easily!;)
- I give way too much importance to stupid things like make up or celebs (I know it's a cliche but I admit I'm like that)

5 blogs I consider being feminine!:

Now, copy it on your blog and answer:)


What I'm up to, right now.


A few days ago it was my brother's birthday and with the traditional breakfast in bed he got a pumpkin, and yes it was in December and not in October. Nevermind I thought it was cute(:
And I've bought two new lamps for my bedroom which I love:) because they give such a nice type of lightning, it's relaxing!

Dec 20, 2010


I'm in love with this picture from Vogue Uk December by Lachlan Bailey! Just too beautiful.


Sorry for the lack of update but I've been so lazy these days, holidays started this week and I felt I needed some quiet time!;)

Diane Kruger, just because I think her dress is stunning!

Dec 12, 2010


I have no inspiration right now. And all I have to do is tidy my room cause it's chaos in there. You think your room is messy? Well, imagine one 10 times worse; that's the state of my room! So, here are some Random(capital letter to emphasize the randomness) pictures of roses I did three days ago.

Dec 11, 2010


My favourite store in London must be Urban Outfitters, I love how everything about it! And the one in Oxford Street is so pretty I had to (even though I didn't have a lot of free time last time I was there) visit!;)And here is what I bought, a grey T-shirt. The thing is I had already seen it on the website and it had catched my eye. I think it's extremely cool and at the same time it has the perfect T-shirt shape; it's loose but not too much and the fabric is lovely, so comfortable.
Ok, I'm going to stop cause I could keep all day. And it's just a T-shirt. But a really cool one.
Ah, and on it's written Alcohol, Caffeine and Nicotine.

Dec 7, 2010

I want it but it's..

Sold out:(
I've been looking around the web looking for a faux fur coat and as soon as I saw this one I fell in love! But as I tried to comfort myself of the pain endured(ok, 2 minutes of really intense whining) I bumped into this one (beneath), which is, as well, FAB and it comes from H&M! :D
So, do any of my French readers know if it's already available here?

Dec 6, 2010


I just feel like travelling to a beautiful city, where I'd sleep at a nice hotel with a lobby which smell luxury and make you feel a little out of place. I'd go around the city in high heels and pretty dresses, people would turn their heads or even smile, taking cabs from one place to another and sitting at cafés when wanting to rest reading books that scream intellectual . I wouldn't feel the pressure of seeing touristic places, I would feel the real atmosphere of the city. Then I'd have lunch at a fancy restaurant with interesting people I'd meet there. I certainly would go to an art museum, because I love when you contemplate a painting really really close and you are able to see the rests of old dry paint. At night I'd sit in a bar, sipping a cosmopolitan and enjoying a concert..
Oh, I so feel like travelling right now.

Dec 5, 2010

Katy Perry vs me..

I fell in love with Katy Perry's funky nails when I saw this picture here! I don't know how to do that but I'd love to know, so if anyone of you know please tell me! : )
For instance, they look like this! Not as cool:(

Dec 4, 2010

Teatime thoughts giveaway

Hi everyone! Hope you're having a lovely week end! Now I'm going to talk about a blog I love because it's pink;), sweet, always thoughtful and the owner, Candice, is one of those nice bloggers who always write lovely comments and actually reads what you're writing!;)
This post is about her and the giveaway she's organising, which is really tempting so visit her and participate! :)


"Dress" - Zara
Cardigan - Kate Moss X Topshop

God, my hair is so messed up on this pictures.. I hadn't noticed until now :')
When I first bought this grey "dress" I loved it, really really pretty, but when I went home I tried it I started wondering why I thought it was a dress... I mean it's very short, and I have no problem for wearing short things, but this one is(I repeat) very short!!
Have you ever felt that way?

Dec 1, 2010

Under my umbrella.

I want one of those umbrellas! Do anyone of you know where I can find one of those? Please? : )