Jul 31, 2010


I'm so mad at myself... A few months ago I wanted to reorganiza all my photos, and I don't know why all this photos are reorganized are all small and when I zoom them the quality is horrible... :( If anyone knows how to fix it, please contact me.
Look at this picture, it's one of those I reorganised, and I can't make it larger than this...

RIP my favourite necklace?

My favourite necklace is losing its pearls. And the problem is that I bought it in China in a market, and I can't really replace it, if you know what I mean. And I really love this necklace. Argh. Well, I'm trying to fix it so I really hope I'll do it!:)

Today's outfit.

Shirt- Pull & Bear(Men's wear)
Dress - Monki

Jul 30, 2010

My brother just came home after spending two weeks at a friend's place. And he looks so different, so I though I had to rebaptise him. Starting today I'll be calling him Mike, who's a taller and tanner version of old little Hugo. It's driving him crazy; love it!;)
He's 11, I'm 16. Yeah, I know I'm very mature.

Today, I've been listening to some old songs I loved when I was little. I was, actually, a huge fan of Shakira, whose albums were so much better before. I mean She Wolf wasn't great, right? Anyways, I love her voice, I mean, her talent is so undeniable. Specially when singing in Spanish...

Jul 29, 2010


I hate when people say in the middle of the summer that they miss the autumn, you know, "the fresh air". I hate it because I feel like we're always complaining about everyting. And, I feel it cause I'm that way too. But I can't fight it, I have that wierd need to complain, even when things are ok, I can always find something in the situation/thing that isn't, that would be better that other way. I must stop. Wouldn't we be happier if we all were optimistic? Specially, when it's about things that, after all, aren't that important. But, let's face it, it's hard to stand back and see that what we think is a catastrophy isn't, in reality, a big deal. Although we all know how unfairly the resources and the chances are distributed nowadays.

Well, all I wanted to say was that I hate seeing all the "autumn" clothes in magazines in July. Isn't that a bit exaggerated? But, at the same time, I like those kind of clothes;)! So, here's a selection of the outfits I prefered out of Marc Jacobs' latest fashion show.

Love the coat- the colour, the material, of course, the shape, but also, the buttons. Lovely. Something I've always loved on others are socks worn like in this picture. You know, with high heels. I think it gives a preppy look, I just love. But, I've never worn this trend because I, look too much like a school girl, without giving me that elegance I see on others (see picture above). Argh, drives me crazy.

I like the hair style; so bed head!

This dress is so beautiful, love the pale yellow colour of it. It isn't white, right?


Today I'm wearing the absolute basic outfit so I just took some random photo booth pictures;) Even if I think I'll have to change... black jeans on summer? It's only 22°C warm outside but I'm boiling, probably just psychologic! Well, we'll see! And I try to avoid make up on summer (even if it makes me look like a twelve-year-old!), for my skin to recover after a year of torture, hahahhahah, no, just kidding! I've always prefered a natural make up; mascara works fine for me! (It's also because of my lack of talent speaking of make-up but shh...;)

T-shirt - Gap

Jeans - Gina Tricot

Turquoise bracelet - bought in Shanghai.


Hi! Sorry for yesterday, updating my blog wasn't a priority; I felt so bad!:( But today the pain is over, so I have no excuses! I just had lunch with my mother, who did a tomato and avocado sallad:) and we had melon for the desert. Melon must be in my top 3 favourite fruits, I love it! What's your favourite?

Jul 28, 2010


Jul 27, 2010


I found how I want to look this autumn. Exactly like in these pictures, I mean, everything is perfect! Especially the hairstyles; I have to learn how to do them, check the ponytail! It's so beautiful. These pictures come from August's Glamour(French!).

Tenue du jour.

I'm sorry for the quality of the photos... taking pictures of myself has never been my strong side! Anyway, as soon as I buy a new battery charger for my reflex (nikon♥) this will change!

Top - Zara

Carrot Pants - Zara

Earrings - Topshop

Romeo and Juliet.

I just finished reading Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare. I wanted to read it because it's a classic, and I thought it was important, but I didn't expect I would actually like it. Or, even love it. And I read it in French, so I can't imagine how good it must be in English!

Jul 26, 2010

What I've been doing this afternoon; some writing, reading, listening to music, watching series... holidays, right?
God, I'm so addicted to True Blood! Having to wait one week per episode kills me; I want more! If you haven't seen it, DO! It's in my top 3 of series, with Glee and How I met your mother:) I can't decide which one is best!


As promised, here's my new American Apparel nail polish! It's dark green (it's lighter than on the pictures) and I think the quality is good, so I recommend it. I've been watching out for some other colours on their website and I can't say I'm disappointed. Lovely colours, really!


Me, a year ago. After curling my hair:)


Last week I bought some DIY stuff at La Droguerie to create a pair of earrings. Actually, it's one of the first times I'll be doing something by myself like this, but I'm trying to be more creative so... I love feathers, specially on earrings! So this is how they are going to look like!:)
Now I just have to figure out the best way to tie the feathers to the earrings, maybe with very thin wire? And I couldn't stop me from buying this two "charms" to make a bracelet:) It all cost 2€40, so I didn't get ruined!
And here are my favourite's! And the inspiration for the new ones!

Jul 25, 2010


Through my window.

And yes, I finally managed to make my photos large--'


My aunt Johanna has the most amazing nail polish. I'll sure borrow it;)! See, it's like grey/glitter; Love at first sight! And it's called Pure Diamonds, how awesome?

Aw. And on the table there was this bouquet of flowers. Is there anything more beautiful than flowers? Maybe shoes, but only that;)


Hey! Sorry for the lame update! I was at my aunt's spending some time with my little cousins. And well, children+computering isn't a good match.:) Hope you had a great week end.

Jul 24, 2010

The nightmare.

Argh, I just woke up almost crying! I had a terrible (for me) nightmare. It's the most stupid nightmare ever. I dreamt that I hadn't had a 10/10 in English and had only an 8! And there I was, crying like never, breathless. When I woke up I couldn't say if it was true or not so I checked. When I saw my mark I felt so relieved.
Wow, it sounds even more stupid (unbelievable) when you write it down! Now I'll seem to be like a nerd, but I have to confirm that it's not the case! Really. It's just that I'm quite good at English (I mean in English as a foreign language in a class where the level isn't so hard) and it's my favourite subject at school... Speaking of that, if you see any mistakes, PLEASE correct them; it's important for me:)
The nerd.

Jul 23, 2010


Hi again! I feel totally uninspired, in fact, I really don't what to write about in this blog. And that happens every time I try. I've had like 4-5 blogs but who didn't last long for diverse reasons; usually because, like now, I didn't know what to write about or because I wasn't satisfied by the design of the blog. I want my blog to look good, you know, I have lots of ideas for a nice design, but I can't pull them off because I'm lame with everything that has with technology to do. You surely must ask yourself, why does she want to have a blog then? Well, the thing is that I spend a lot of my free time reading blogs, I love writing, I always have ideas on what to write about if I had a blog and finally, I can say I'm a (more or less) creative person. So, what's my problem? Anyone in the same situation? (So I can stop feeling stupid alone:P)
The uninspired.
American Apparel Jumper
Gina Tricot Scarf
Vanessa Bruno Skirt

Hi! I'm on my way out to buy new contact lenses, well, I don't know yet, I have to go because I have no left but at the same time, I really don't want to go, I could go tomorrow... (PROCRASTINATION) The thing is that I hate wearing glasses now, since I've started wearing contact lenses I can't stand wearing glasses...Posted by Picasa

Whatever works.

Just saw Woody Allen's last film; Whatever Works. I liked it, even if I'm not a huge fan of this filmmaker. The ending was actually quite funny, but the beginning was a little boring. Any opinions?

Jul 22, 2010


I love GLEE. It's one of my favourite series, no doubt! And the music.. god, I just prefer their versions than the originals! So, if you haven't seen it yet, do, as fast as possible;) Really, you won't be disappointed.
I love it so much, I just want to see it again... I know, it's kind of sad but so true!!! Love Glee!


Hi! I've spent an other day searching for a new bikini, and I finally did found one!:) But not without efforts.. It was super hard to find, there were no left at H&M and those left at BHV, near Hotel de Ville, were too ugly (or I wasn't fit enough to look good in them;)! Then I remebered that American Apparel had great bikinis! Why didn't I think of that in the first place?! So, I bought a zebra patterned one; lovely:)! Btw, did you see that AA sells nail polishes? Really gorgeous colours, I bought one that I'll show you later;)

Jul 21, 2010

What I wore today.

Top - Sandro

Skirt & Belt - H&M


Hi again! I just came home after some shopping, but I can't say it was well spent time; I couldn't find a bikini, which is my shopping priority right now! I'm leaving in about two weeks to Tunisia and I only have one! Wow, that sounded quite pretentious! But it's just that I'm going to be on the beach or in the swimming pool constantly for two weeks, I'll need to change while one is wet, right? I've always had minimum two bathing suits, it's my summer holiday rule;)

Princesse Tam Tam

I'd like something in this style or a plain black one, I'll show you when I find it!


Hi there! Remember I said yesterday I was exhausted? Well, I went to bed and when I was just about to fall asleep, I woke up with more energy than ever, so I didn't sleep until 3! ARGHH! I hate when that happens, because I never know what to do, so I lay there, bored to death, trying to sleep! I started playing the game Brick Breaker on my BlackBerry, I'm so addicted to it. I know it's sad, anyone in the same situation?:)


I've always been a huge fan of Nike's Dunk model! I already own a pair of violet ones that I adore, but I hardly use them because they are too small... My shoe size is 40 but when I went to "Bonmarché" (a Parisian shopping gallery I really recommend, way better than les Galeries Lafayette) and was told they had no 40's left, I tried size 39 and as they (painfully) fit perfectly (that's what I wanted to think) I bought them. I never wear them, TOO painful! Not proud of myself, it was a last time.
Anyway, I found this model a while ago and I'm crazy about them. Liberty+Dunk= gotta love them:)

What do you think?


I'm exhausted, really. Even if I haven't done anything special today; being on holidays make me even lazier than I normally am (and that's something!).
Thought I could upload a picture of me right now, showing my coral and fuchsia nails but after taking 15 pictures or more on Photo Booth I just realised that it was impossible to make me look decent in my pyjamas and no make up. Well, I'm trying not to scare you, I'll leave those kind of photos for later;). So, here's a two month old picture of me. Why is it small like this? If anyone knows...
H&M dress.

First of all.

Want to know more about me? Keep in touch then:)