Jul 23, 2010


Hi again! I feel totally uninspired, in fact, I really don't what to write about in this blog. And that happens every time I try. I've had like 4-5 blogs but who didn't last long for diverse reasons; usually because, like now, I didn't know what to write about or because I wasn't satisfied by the design of the blog. I want my blog to look good, you know, I have lots of ideas for a nice design, but I can't pull them off because I'm lame with everything that has with technology to do. You surely must ask yourself, why does she want to have a blog then? Well, the thing is that I spend a lot of my free time reading blogs, I love writing, I always have ideas on what to write about if I had a blog and finally, I can say I'm a (more or less) creative person. So, what's my problem? Anyone in the same situation? (So I can stop feeling stupid alone:P)
The uninspired.

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