Jul 24, 2010

The nightmare.

Argh, I just woke up almost crying! I had a terrible (for me) nightmare. It's the most stupid nightmare ever. I dreamt that I hadn't had a 10/10 in English and had only an 8! And there I was, crying like never, breathless. When I woke up I couldn't say if it was true or not so I checked. When I saw my mark I felt so relieved.
Wow, it sounds even more stupid (unbelievable) when you write it down! Now I'll seem to be like a nerd, but I have to confirm that it's not the case! Really. It's just that I'm quite good at English (I mean in English as a foreign language in a class where the level isn't so hard) and it's my favourite subject at school... Speaking of that, if you see any mistakes, PLEASE correct them; it's important for me:)
The nerd.

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