Aug 26, 2010


Natalia & Me:)

Aug 21, 2010

Summer Outfit.

Dress - Ba&sh

Aug 19, 2010

Right now.

So many things to say, but the lazyness in me is showing up(no, that usually doesn't). It feels uncomfortable to blog from another computer than mine... :/


Hey! Now I'm in Spain, in Andalusia, in my grandparent's village (a little bit mine too, I guess).

Aug 16, 2010

On my way home.

I don't recognize myself on this photo. Photo Booth is magic.


It was long ago since I posted an outfit, and it's usually one of my favourite parts when I read other's blogs. My problem is that I think it's a little embarrasing to pose alone, so I always try to do it as fast as possible and by night. Which explains the tremendous quality of these kind of photos in my blog. Not!;)

Monki Dress
American Apparel Belt

Aug 15, 2010

"If you're going to San Francisco..

be sure to wear some flowers in your head."

Aug 14, 2010

One broke.

Love this earring; it was a pair, but one broke! I wear it anyway;)

Aug 13, 2010


Just 3 days left here in Tunisia, I'm leaving on Monday! So, I'm heading to the beach to complete my tan. Even if most people wouldn't see it, I'm very pale!;)
But before I go, I just wanted to show you my last purchases. If you're coming here I advise you to take a look at a "beauty shop" called Cerina, where I bought these products. They had tons of products with different smells, like jasmin or rose, and for the whole body.

Aug 11, 2010


While I checked my e-mails, I remembered about modepass and how addicted I was too it. I loved watching others' pages, big source of inspiration! And I decided to take a look at my old page, and voilà Isn't the design quite lovely? The photos are lame, I'm aware. But I like the combination between the cherries and the flowers, well, a bit too much also... but I still like it:)
Quite different to the design of this blog;) which is a perfect demonstration of my lack of technic skills.
Hope you're all good:)! Have a nice day.

Aug 9, 2010


Two days ago I acomplished the purpose of this journey. A week left, what do I do now?:P

Love smoking waterpipe but just saw on a website that it was as dangerous as smoking cigarrettes, do you know anything about it?

Aug 6, 2010

Worse Update.

And I don't mind.

Shorts - Zara
Top(best ever) - H&M

And my mom's Paul & Joe Sister dress.

Aug 5, 2010

Best Of Topshop

I just saw Topshop has changed its e-shop's design, much better now! And here are the things I prefer right now(I can't deny it was a hard task!), the best of Topshop!

Check the ring - LOVE IT:)

Aug 3, 2010


I can't think of an other place which makes me so uncomftorable as the beach does. Not that I don't like it, in fact, I like the beach because of the contact with the nature, there's nothing like sea, sand and sun;). But being in bikini around lots of people drives me crazy. I feel so powerless, so ugly, so unfit, so fat, and so on. I lose my confidence(not that I have a lot wearing clothes, but this is different), I feel naked. Bikini is so not my favourite piece of clothing!(:
Just found this flower in my bed:)

Aug 2, 2010


Here's a picture of my nails painted in bubble gum pink (I reckon this kind of posts make me look reaaaally smart...). Took the picture in the taxi on our way to the airport. I was listening to "Lovefool" by The Cardigans; nice song! If I was at home I'd attached a youtube video with the song but youtube is censured by the Tunisian government. Or, at least, that's what I read on the Internet. Does anybody know why?


Hello!:) Now I'm at my hotel room in Hammamet, Tunisia and it's 28°C warm, at 17:58 AND the hotel internet works quite good! Feel my happiness! Well, now I'm going to the beach, to look at the sea and then I'll be having dinner with my parents and brother at the hotel!
I'll show you some pictures later on! Have fun:)

This is what it's supposed to look:P, I'll see it if it matches!

Aug 1, 2010


Hey! I made my feather earrings! They are quite simple and rustic, but I like it! Hahahha, next time I'll do it better. It was actually simple, so I think I'll be making some others, thinking of how cheap it is to them myself! :)