Aug 16, 2010


It was long ago since I posted an outfit, and it's usually one of my favourite parts when I read other's blogs. My problem is that I think it's a little embarrasing to pose alone, so I always try to do it as fast as possible and by night. Which explains the tremendous quality of these kind of photos in my blog. Not!;)

Monki Dress
American Apparel Belt


julia. said...

i really love how you styled your monki dress!

Anonymous said...

la robe est ravissante, très vaporeuse, une vraie robe de princesse et elle te va très bien !
merci beaucoup pour ton adorable commentaire :)

Mon nouvel article est un article "Inspirations" qui est un peu différentde d'habitude mais j'espère que tu aimeras quand même!
Sixtine <3.

Alexiane D. said...

Cette robe te donne des allures de princesse! :D

Alix said...

That's kind of an awsome dress :) makes me think of Carrie's dress in sex and the city know, the scene in the dressing :)

Marion said...

Ouahhh ta robe est superbe, on dirait une petite princesse. J'aime beaucoup :)



Imane said...

J'aime beaucoup ta robe, et la ceinture la rend encore plus belle je trouve.