Nov 30, 2010


Big Ben


Nov 28, 2010

Nov 24, 2010


I'm officially over with exams for this term and it makes me happy:)
And another thing that makes me happy is having bought this necklace when I was in London; Love it!

Nov 23, 2010


Purple lipstick is surprisingly (at least for me..) wearable. Nice!
Lanvin for H&M Backstage

Nov 21, 2010


This photo shoulf be cropped a little on the right side, I know but I just don't feel like doing it right now, hope you don't mind:)By the British Museum, two weeks ago with a new bag, bought in South Africa.

Oh, I miss London.


This is my new ring, I bought it in an antique fair in Cape town and I like it.
The postcards I should be sending...
I love writing postcards but sending them is something I rarely do, I know it's stupid but it's true. I always forget about it!

Nov 20, 2010


Oh god, I've been so sick and tired these days, I've had a really tough exams week! Well, here we have two photos of Abbey Lee Kershaw (which is, in my opinion, of the most beautiful models ever!) which I LOVE. And I'm not exaggerating, since I saw them for the first time I'm thinking of dying my ends pink, like for 4 months.. I just HAVE to do it, I've already bought the hair dye and all ! The blonde haircut is also extremely nice, and I want that nude lace top so bad it hurts;)

Nov 13, 2010

Material Girl.

I felt in love with these photos, found in this blog. I want to have baby pink hair, glitter, and beautiful curls. Too much to ask?

Courtney Vogler by Elliot & Erick Jimenez for Material Girl

Nov 12, 2010


Yesterday I finished reading this book and I strongly recommend it to everyone. For real, read it, it's extremely interesting and it makes you think.
Dreams From My Father by Barack Obama.

Nov 11, 2010


Hi! This is My 100th post and I must say I'm happy about it, blogging has been fun and that's thanks to you my readers, and for all the nice comments you post!:)

Now I just want to devote this 100th post to the Wonderful dress Serena Van der Woodsen wears in the last episode of Gossip Girl.
She's just too beautiful.

Nov 9, 2010

I really am amazed. Amazed by the talent of this blogger. His photos are so beautiful, breathtaking, just look at these above and you'll see. If I had a section in this blog called "Blogger of The Month", he'd be the one!;) So, check out his blog!

Nov 6, 2010


Nov 5, 2010


from South Africa.

At home.

Hi! After spending the night on a plane, I'm finally back home. But not for long, as I'm leaving tomorrow morning to London! Guess who's happy and at the same time terribly tired?;) I'll be there with my school class until Monday morning!

Now, instead of unpacking and packing I am going to check topshop and urban outfitters on the net, which seems much more important right now!
And here are two of my new acquisitions:
The most comfortable T-shirt ever! And it's Star Wars:D (this is the moment I pretend I know everything about Star Wars; I don't know a thing)
T-shirt - Jay jay's
My bling flats; lov'em:)
Flats - Mr. Price

Nov 2, 2010

Only girl.

I'm not a huge fan of Rihanna, I like some of her songs but that's it! Anyhow, I just couldn't help but LOVE the clip of "Only girl", it's terribly beautiful! I love the mix of red and pink, I agree it can eadily be tacky but it can be awesome as well! And the song is nice:) So, if you have time see it!