Nov 5, 2010

At home.

Hi! After spending the night on a plane, I'm finally back home. But not for long, as I'm leaving tomorrow morning to London! Guess who's happy and at the same time terribly tired?;) I'll be there with my school class until Monday morning!

Now, instead of unpacking and packing I am going to check topshop and urban outfitters on the net, which seems much more important right now!
And here are two of my new acquisitions:
The most comfortable T-shirt ever! And it's Star Wars:D (this is the moment I pretend I know everything about Star Wars; I don't know a thing)
T-shirt - Jay jay's
My bling flats; lov'em:)
Flats - Mr. Price


Marie Cotrel said...

Trop mignonne et tellement naturelle comme à ton habitude.

Cassidy said...

STAR WARS. YESSS. You're awesome for wearing that. Even though you don't know much about it, you really are. I'm the biggest Star Wars nerd. :D

le pearl said...

my goodness I LOVE Star Wars! ahaha. Awesome shirt x

Kennedy said...

i am in love with your hair!

Sixtine.Baudelaire said...

trèèès sympa ce petit haut! les ballerines ne sont pas mon style mais j'aime beaucoup aussi ;) :D

Cristiana.C said...

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