Nov 11, 2010


Hi! This is My 100th post and I must say I'm happy about it, blogging has been fun and that's thanks to you my readers, and for all the nice comments you post!:)

Now I just want to devote this 100th post to the Wonderful dress Serena Van der Woodsen wears in the last episode of Gossip Girl.
She's just too beautiful.


Viki said...

omg! este vestido es impresionante. Ademas, le queda super bien, es muy elegante!


Blondes are not stupid said...

WOW! Is really nice :D Thanks for your comment! A thing... are you from Paris? And you know spanish? Jajajja :P Kisseees :D

Nanoi & charr said...

oh her dress is beautiful! trop belle.
mais je préfère Blair haha ;)
jolie blog !!
visite le miens stp ;)


Cristina Melendi said...

Me encanta Serena, es guapísima y viste genial, en esta nueva temporada creo que lleva unos outfits más elegantes que en la primera temporada. Me gusta tu blog! Un besoo

Ann said...

Enhorabuena guapísima!!! muaa!

Mumbles said...

I totally agree, she's so pretty
and she looks amazing on that dress
It's been a long time since I don't watch gossip girl... I'm more into The City now, the story is a bit silly, but the outfits and their clothes (and their lifes too) are pretty amazing
hope you have a nice weekend
and congratulations on your 100th post
your blog is great


Cassidy said...

I've never seen that show but from the screenshots I've seen, the characters have fabulous style!

Juliette B. said...

mais tu connais combien de langues en fait? :) anglais, francais, allemand, espagnol?

Hélène said...

She is beautiful !!

Capucine Z. said...

vivement l'épisode 10 !