Jul 29, 2010


I hate when people say in the middle of the summer that they miss the autumn, you know, "the fresh air". I hate it because I feel like we're always complaining about everyting. And, I feel it cause I'm that way too. But I can't fight it, I have that wierd need to complain, even when things are ok, I can always find something in the situation/thing that isn't, that would be better that other way. I must stop. Wouldn't we be happier if we all were optimistic? Specially, when it's about things that, after all, aren't that important. But, let's face it, it's hard to stand back and see that what we think is a catastrophy isn't, in reality, a big deal. Although we all know how unfairly the resources and the chances are distributed nowadays.

Well, all I wanted to say was that I hate seeing all the "autumn" clothes in magazines in July. Isn't that a bit exaggerated? But, at the same time, I like those kind of clothes;)! So, here's a selection of the outfits I prefered out of Marc Jacobs' latest fashion show.

Love the coat- the colour, the material, of course, the shape, but also, the buttons. Lovely. Something I've always loved on others are socks worn like in this picture. You know, with high heels. I think it gives a preppy look, I just love. But, I've never worn this trend because I, look too much like a school girl, without giving me that elegance I see on others (see picture above). Argh, drives me crazy.

I like the hair style; so bed head!

This dress is so beautiful, love the pale yellow colour of it. It isn't white, right?

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