Jul 30, 2010

My brother just came home after spending two weeks at a friend's place. And he looks so different, so I though I had to rebaptise him. Starting today I'll be calling him Mike, who's a taller and tanner version of old little Hugo. It's driving him crazy; love it!;)
He's 11, I'm 16. Yeah, I know I'm very mature.

Today, I've been listening to some old songs I loved when I was little. I was, actually, a huge fan of Shakira, whose albums were so much better before. I mean She Wolf wasn't great, right? Anyways, I love her voice, I mean, her talent is so undeniable. Specially when singing in Spanish...

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Lady Moriarty said...

Hello Julia ! Superbe chemise, la bague hibou est vendue chez H&M en ce moment même !

See U !