Dec 21, 2010


I've been tagged today, hehe and I'm really excited because it's the first time I am on this blog:)! And I've been tagged by this amazing Spanish blogger! And the tag is about being feminine:
5 women I consider feminine:
- Madonna
- Christina Hendricks (Mrs Holloway in Mad Men)
- My mom
- Julia Roberts
- Sarah Jessica Parker

5 words that remind me of "the feminine world":
- Ambition
- Lack of self confidence(this must be improved)
- Feelings(;
- Pink
- Prince Charming

5 feminine things I have and that I consider "feminine":
- My gesture
- My voice(haha)
- My body(I guess! it's not really androgynous)
- I can cry super easily!;)
- I give way too much importance to stupid things like make up or celebs (I know it's a cliche but I admit I'm like that)

5 blogs I consider being feminine!:

Now, copy it on your blog and answer:)


Fashion Cappuccino said...

What a cute tag!! Thank you! I think ambition and Prince Charming are definitely on my list of feminine as well! And yeah, I cry very easily too, I'm very emotional but sometimes I can be very cold too. It's strange. I used to be obssessed with celebrities and reality shows (they're like train wreck that you can't stop watching!) but now I don't anymore. I realized they took too much of my time!

Thank you for tagging me! So sweet of you! xoxoxoxoo

wobblinbetty said...

nice post! really enjoyed reading through it!

La Porta Màgica said...

hola guapa, pues a mi me encanta tambien esta chica de la foto y me estoy enganchando a Mad Men de una manera terrorífica!



HANNA said...

like your blog!

Candice said...

oh how fun! Thanks for the tag!! :)

Miss Woody said...


le pearl said...

thanks for the tag hunny will do shortly x

Ann said...

Feliz navidad Julia! muaa!

Arien said...

Me alegro de que te haya hecho ilusión! Es que me pareces super femenina, en serio!jiji
Ah, a mi Julia Roberts tambien me parece super femenina, pero ya no me cabía en la lista jaja

Un besazo!

jessica wu said...

heheh :) cute post.happy holidays!