Dec 6, 2010


I just feel like travelling to a beautiful city, where I'd sleep at a nice hotel with a lobby which smell luxury and make you feel a little out of place. I'd go around the city in high heels and pretty dresses, people would turn their heads or even smile, taking cabs from one place to another and sitting at cafés when wanting to rest reading books that scream intellectual . I wouldn't feel the pressure of seeing touristic places, I would feel the real atmosphere of the city. Then I'd have lunch at a fancy restaurant with interesting people I'd meet there. I certainly would go to an art museum, because I love when you contemplate a painting really really close and you are able to see the rests of old dry paint. At night I'd sit in a bar, sipping a cosmopolitan and enjoying a concert..
Oh, I so feel like travelling right now.


Emma said...

Sounds great, let's do it! x

Marie Cotrel said...

Hello Julia j'espère que tu as passé un agréable w-e.
Y a du nouveau par chez moi, bisous.