Oct 29, 2010


Hey! I'm super excited cause I'm in Cape Town now and it's lovely down here! And I have some new purchases that you may like to see;)! Anyhow, I've been thinking of buying a new pair of converse, the thing is that I haven't decided if I want them in white leather or the normal ones! Any opinions?:)


La Porta Màgica said...

I love it!!

besos Julia


Louisa said...

Thank you so much! (:

Juli said...

thank you so much! :)

Luci Ana said...

they look nice!!

minnja said...

Looooooove it:))))))))



Luisa said...

Thank you very very much for your comment <3
I like the usual Chucks, also the right version :)

Barbara said...

white leather looks awesome

Blondes are not stupid. said...

I LOVE CONVERSEE :D I have a white ones (L) Thanks for your comment! I'm following :D Kisses from Spain !!

Mumbles said...

Hi, how are you?
hope you're having a great time there
I love converse, I have the classic ones. When I bought them I didn't know what to do either, but I decided to buy the normal ones, and I haven't regretted yet


rebecca said...

ahh, i love converse! i'd say go with the normal ones, i think they're more iconic (:


Sixtine.Baudelaire said...

j'aime celle de gauche :o !