Oct 20, 2010


Hello! Long time since I posted (maybe not that much, but for me it felt like ages!) so now the time of justifying my absence has come. I've had/am having an awful week full of exams. Fortunately, it ends tomorrow with my latin exam(for which I should btw be studying right now...)! A nd on Friday I'm on vacation:D
So, basically my life will recover its sense tomorrow!
Hope you're all good(:! PICS


Viki said...

Que guay el vestido, es genial!
Ah y me encanta vampire weekend son alucinantes!
De donde eres? No sabia que fueras española, o que hablaras español... hahaha :)


Emma said...

Hi darling,
Good luck with all your exams.. What a nice blog you have here! These pictures are great, love that dress!
Let me know if you wanna be followers!

This is me: emmamattson.blogspot.com

Love from Stockholm!

Louisa said...

Yes, me too!

Anonymous said...

Vuelve pronto a la blogosferaaa!
PD: Viva Sasha.

Un besito

Sweetdie said...

Tu blog es multilingüe!Me gustan las fots y bueno suerte con los ressultados de los exams
un beso

Luisa said...

Thank you, it's my new favourite skirt :) the boots of the post before are really really nice!

Ilse said...

bonne chance on your exams! and indeed, let's become partners in crime and rob asos together.. mwhahaha

Gorgeous Clara said...


¡qué bonito el vestido! y suerte con los exámenesssss

Bruna said...

Liked Dress.. kiss

Blondes are not stupid. said...

Lovely clothes :) Thanks for you comment! I'm following you ;D Kisses XX

Mumbles said...

Sasha is awesom, right?
and that Valentino dress too
I love it
hope you (and your exams)are ok
sometimes we need to take a break
hope you have a nice weekend


Spence. said...

Hope the exam went well and you're enjoying the start of your hols

Oh and the ruffle detailing at the top of that dress is simply lovely!