Jan 30, 2011

Hello Kitty

Isn't this the cutest flash drive ever?;) It was a one of my Christmas gifts, and I really love it!
How are you? I haven't been posting so much lately, I mean, I used to post several times a week! I have to change that!
I've cut my hair!! Well, just the tops, so nothing special! But it feels a lot lighter now:)! Love the feeling I get when I've just got my hair cut; it feels so light and smooth!


Saou said...

Trop MIGNON! JE VEUX LE MÊME! (Même si j'en ai des milliards chez moi :p)


ATW said...

what a cute USB stick.
thanks for your sweet comment.
have a look on my blog soon! :) xxx


julia louise said...

sooo cute :)

Karima Illustration said...

Ohhh c'est trop chouette!!!!



ps: Merci pour ton commentaire! ;)

S and O said...

That is so cute :D

Marie Cotrel said...

Cette clé USB est géniale ! Bisous xxx et bonne semaine. http://Marieblogueuse.blogspot.com

SheShotta said...

Ohgod, that is the cutest thing ever ! x

A N G E L A said...

thanks for your comment!!!

love this!!



cryskay said...

that is so cute! i actually saw a different hello kitty usb at a little boutique this weekend. xo

Clélia C. said...

Trop parfait :) Hello Kitty quoi

cats said...

amazing usb!!!!!


KOALI said...

oh toi aussi tu as coupé tes longs cheveux , je me sens moins seule, en revanche j'ai coupé une bonne dizaine de cm ce qui fait du changement.

Mumbles said...

Ahaha that's really the cutest flash driver I've ever seen
I saw star wars flash drivers on a magazine and wanted to buy a pretty one, but finally ended having a normal one (not so pretty), anyway...
hope you're having a nice week

♥ Marley

A La Mode said...

OHMYGOD this is amazing!!!


Anonymous said...

ça me fait penser aux chaussons que ma grand-mère m'a offert. Je suis pas hyper fan.