Jan 28, 2011

Miranda Kerr

I just read an article that really shocked me. It's about Miranda Kerr, who just had a baby with Orlando Bloom and recently posted a first picture of her and her baby on her blog. The thing is that on the picture, she's breastfeeding. And the thing is that people criticised it, claiming that "breastfeeding is just a way for women to show their breasts". What the hell is wrong with people?
I'm sorry if I'm writing like this but I'm extremely shocked.
I understand there are women who don't feel like breastfeeding, I believe it's a personal choice or in some cases there are women that can't breastfeed. But, it's been proved it's the best way to feed babies because it prevents from getting sick..., so, having a celebrity like Miranda Kerr showing to the world this picture is, in my opinion, a great way to encourage women to take that choice.
But apart from the medical side, there's also this old habit of women being forced to keep appearances. Should women hide from men when they breastfeed? Stay at home?
I just can't get what's so horrible about a mum feeding her child, is there anything sexual or inmoral about it?
What do you think?

Just a lovely picture of a baby and his mother.


SheShotta said...

It's a BEAUTIFUL photo ! And you can barely see her breast, people shouldn't be so prudish lol


eliska.h said...

you're absolutely right - i suppose a lot of those comments came from people who just felt they needed to say something controversial or just simply criticise... typical, really.

knopfkopf. said...

you're right.
it's just a picture of a baby and his mother.
and it's so sweet!

thanks for your comment.
(i follow you)

knopfkopf. said...

is there any way to follow you? :)

the elephant said...

Hi ! Thanks a lot ! I watch a little your blog and i love it ! Bye

Marie Cotrel said...

Cette photo est magnifique ! Gros bisous Julia et bon dimanche ;) http://Marieblogueuse.blogspot.com

Cassidy said...

There will always be people who are offended by stupid things. It's a cute picture!