Sep 2, 2010

The most beautiful dress.

Even though I'm not the marrying kind(I really don't see myself getting married) I can't stop checking this site now and then. I love the wonderful wedding pictures they show, so different of the weddings I've been to (which all looked more or less the same! But when I saw this article I couldn't stop staring at the bride's dress, I mean, there are no words to describe it! I want the same. Even if I'm not going to get married. Just to have it in my wardrobe and stare to it!
The article:

Pictures by Craig Paulson.



oh vad fin!!!!!!!!!

solene MeSt said...

arfff merciii beaucoup^^

Ashley said...

I'm the same way - I don't really ever see myself getting married or having a huge wedding - but I can't stop myself from swooning over other peoples wedding dresses and pictures!