Sep 2, 2010


Hey! I'm back in Paris and have just finished my summer. Am I the only one to feel like this summer passed too fast? I really wanted some fresh air again, and I miss going to school(that's goning to last two days, I promise!). I start school on Friday at 11; nice but awful at the same time:)! What I miss the most about the summer when I'm at school is being able to sleep as much as I want, if I find a job with this rythm I'll be the happiest person alive;) hahahah!
Anyhow, the purpose of this post was to tell you how much I drool over H&M's new collection (and over their male model, Jon Kortajarena...) So, let's see some pictures of my favourite's:)

Photos printscreened of H&M's French site.

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