Feb 26, 2011

Volevo un gatto nero.

Just came home after spending three lovely days in Rome! I must say that city is really beautiful, just as you imagine it! I loved it; eating(way too much) pizza, pasta, ice cream and just enjoying the beauty of its monuments.. it was greaaaaaat! The one thing that was a little annoying was that it was really cold and I didn't expect it! But just feelig some sunshine was cool8)
I have a crush on this video (discovered via), it's just too sweet! Plus, it's in Italian, which is a language I LOVE!:)
Hope you're having a great week end!


Arien said...

Romaa! Que envidia!! Tengo que ir pronto..como sea!jajaj
Yo también le veo mucho encanto al italiano, pero me quedo con el francés :)
un besazo!

Candice said...

wow I'm so jealous!! I bet it was simply breathtaking; I hope to visit there sometime soon! :) Hope you're doing well, Julia! xoxo

Amada said...

You just reminded me of the "Eat.Pray.Love" novel's maun heroine. She also went to Rome and ate too mcuh everything. Because in Italy you cannot stop enjoying food! :)

Tha video is adorable! So cute! ^^

chopstick panorama said...

Woah, I want to go to Rome once, too!!
And thanks for your lovely comment. :)

Bernarda said...

Glad you had fun, Rome is simply beautiful :)


Anonymous said...

thank-yoy for the comment my lovely,
i love rome, i hope you had a lovely time!

La pépite modeuse said...

sympa la video :)

Sue said...

Roma es una de mis ciudades favoritas.

Tengo muy buenos recuerdos de ella,
me encantaría volver pronto.

Gracias por pasar!

Mumbles said...

Hi Julia, how are you?
I'm so glad you spend an amazing time in Rome, it's an awesome city, with all it's monuments, it's charm, and delicious ice cream ahaha

♥ Marley