Sep 6, 2010


Yesterday I spent my day at Ikea.
For some people that may sound totally random, and uninteresting. But as I'm half Swedish, going to Ikea is like "being at home".
Well, that might be a bit exaggerated;).
However, I love that store, and everything about it! I mean, they give free Swedish flags, how great is that?! And of course, it's the perfect occasion to refill your fridge with national food... It tastes to me like holidays and my childhood, as I've never lived there and always been there in holiday season! Plus, the fact that I always come home with things I didn't even know I needed.
As you may have understood, I love Ikea. Madly.


Anonymous said...

LOVE Ikea :> was there few days ago (:

LISA said...

SVAR: Tack så mycket :D


ser att du varit på ikea hahah :) köpt en hel drös av de där galgarna. vitt är verkligen fint :)

jaa rummet är verkligen en dröm. så fridfullt!!

Fanny said...

Sv: Håller helt med dig! ..jag håller också med om att Ikea nog är det bästa =)

Hannah said...

I really want to go to Ikea! I've never been! There's a MASSIVE store just down the highway from where I live. My bf is not keen to go so I think I'll have to recruit someone else more interested to traipse around with me :)

Anonymous said...

J'ai la même housse de couette que toi.