Sep 15, 2010


If there's one thing that annoys me in this blogging thing is the people who come to this blog just to make sure I'll be back on theirs.
Comments who only answer things I've asked on their blogs. And that's it. Not a word more.
I don't expect everyone to have something positive to say about my posts and if you don't want to read; but, I'm sure there IS something to be said. Positive or negative. Even if you just want to say you don't like a photo (whithout being aggressive, of course), just something apart from an answer of what I've asked or commented on your blog. I feel like there's no exchange. And that's sad.


Mumbles said...

Yeah... That's so sad
and I'm so sorry if sometimes I do that (I hope I don't) because that's really annoying
Although there are really nice people in the "blog world", we should think about that instead about these annoying details


Violetta E. said...

amazing pic!