Sep 12, 2010

12th September

Reasons why the 12th September is the best day of the year:
1.- It's my birthday.
2.- Birthday equals presents. And I like presents. A lot.
3.- Presents come usually wrapped in gift wrap (you must be thinking it took me hours to get to that idea; it did;) and I collect pieces of gift wrap (it's wierd, I know).
4.- It seems that I have a lot of friends; maybe I should send a gratitude letter to facebook?
5.- Breakfast at bed.
6.- Presents.
7.- I do whatever I want and everybody's cool about it.
8.- Everything is nice on 12th September's. Really.
9.- I keep having that stupid smile all day long. Which is wierd as I'm an extremely pessimistic
10.- And, again, PRESENTS. Did anyone say materialist?;)

But there's just one thing which make me so uncomfortable: When people sing the HB song.. I mean, what am I supposed to do while they do it? Sing along, clap my hands, ? Stay still or dance?
What do you do?