Apr 3, 2011


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Mar 13, 2011

Not inspired

I haven't been so inspired lately, as you probably noticed! But I just cant find the cable I need to upload my pictures.. so, I hope this will do:)!
I have always been very anti-tattoos, but I've changed my mind when I discovered this blog, when I see those pictures I just can't help but wanting a tattoo! So inspiring!

I wish there existed tattoos that last 1 year or something like that, so I could be sure I'm comfortable before doing a real one. Because, even though I find it extremely good looking(in some specific cases..) I hate the fact that you're actually "marking" your body forever..

If I had to choose, I know I would like to have a mini Eiffel Tower.. :)

Mar 3, 2011

The Kooples

Such a beautiful picture. Found it at The Koople's(a French store) blog!


Dress bought in South Africa. And nails inspired by Alix(thecherryblossomgirl).

Feb 26, 2011

Volevo un gatto nero.

Just came home after spending three lovely days in Rome! I must say that city is really beautiful, just as you imagine it! I loved it; eating(way too much) pizza, pasta, ice cream and just enjoying the beauty of its monuments.. it was greaaaaaat! The one thing that was a little annoying was that it was really cold and I didn't expect it! But just feelig some sunshine was cool8)
I have a crush on this video (discovered via), it's just too sweet! Plus, it's in Italian, which is a language I LOVE!:)
Hope you're having a great week end!

Feb 19, 2011


I want glittery pants, just as those in Alexander Wang's fall 2011 collection..

Feb 16, 2011


Old pictures I kind of like.

Feb 5, 2011

OPI+Katy Perry

Teenage Dream
Not Like The Movies
Last Friday Night

Feb 3, 2011


I love Skins, and I've seen all its seasons! And as soon as I knew that the season 5 had started I had to watch it! The thing is that at the same time I saw there was now an American version.
I didn't understand the point of doing a new version as the British one is great! But I started watching it by curiosity and I'm really hooked! Both are so cool, in different ways (though, I must say I just LOVE British accent..)! At first I though it was wierd, because some of the characters have exactly the same names, but it's ok cause some things of the story have been changed, which is cool:)
And the American Tony is really cute ;)!

If you haven't watched it, do it right now!!;)

Jan 30, 2011

Hello Kitty

Isn't this the cutest flash drive ever?;) It was a one of my Christmas gifts, and I really love it!
How are you? I haven't been posting so much lately, I mean, I used to post several times a week! I have to change that!
I've cut my hair!! Well, just the tops, so nothing special! But it feels a lot lighter now:)! Love the feeling I get when I've just got my hair cut; it feels so light and smooth!